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Sires and Queens


Grizzly: Grizzly is truly a gentle giant. With his deep bellowing meow and his remarkable color, he is truly the sire of our breeding program! 



Lucius: Lucius is a black and silver ticked tabby with a LOT of shading! He fit into our home right away. He loves attention and he is SUPER sweet! 



Cirillia: Circilla is the daughter of Grizzly and Gabby. She has stunning black smoke colors and a sweet, docile personality to match. 



Gabby (RETIRED) and Gracie (ACTIVE QUEEN): Gabby and Gracie are sisters that rule the school! They make sure kittens and other housemates mind their manners while maintaining their exquisite and sweet demeaners! 



Favorit-Sherkhan Casssandra: Cassandra is one of the sweetest cats we’ve ever owned (and that’s saying a lot)! She is all snuggles and even gives lots of nose bumps and kisses! 



(Retired) Tigress: Tigress is an extreme beauty that has gorgeous babies! With her beautiful muzzle, coloring, and coat, her stunning beaty is reborn with each litter! 

(RETIRED) Alex: Alex is a silky black smoke with the most amazing eyes and magnificent facial features.