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Idris (Male) ❤️     DOB: May 6, 2024   $3000




Margot (Female) ❤️     DOB: May 6, 2024    $2500




Teddy ❤️   DOB: March 8, 2024      $2000





Alex         DOB: 08/21/2021       $600


Alex is retired from our breeding program. He is a gorgeous black smoke color and has a stunning face. He will make a great family cat! I would absolutely keep him but we only have so much room and my attention is divided among so many kitties. Alex deserves to live a spoiled life!  Alex is very sweet but does need someone patient in order to get used to being a house cat. He will flinch sometimes when I try to pet him, but then he changes his mind and enjoys the attention. 


If you think you can be patient as Alex adapts to being a housecat and you can provide a spoiled, loving home for him, please fill out an application on the homepage.